About Ultimovacs

Ultimovacs is a clinical stage biotech company developing novel immunotherapies against cancer. The lead product candidate, UV1, is an off-the-shelf peptide-based therapeutic cancer vaccine aiming to increase treatment efficacy and extend the benefits of immunotherapy to more cancer patients.

Ultimovacs was established in 2011. The company and its proprietary technology are based on pre-clinical and clinical research on immunotherapies conducted at the Oslo University Hospital. The company is a limited public liability company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway.

Ultimovacs is headquartered at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park in Oslo, Norway, and also has an office in Uppsala, Sweden. Ultimovacs is an active member of Oslo Cancer Cluster.

Ultimovacs seeks to become a leader in developing novel immunotherapeutic vaccines to treat a broad range of cancers. Ultimovacs’ lead product candidate, UV1, is an off-the-shelf peptide-based therapeutic cancer vaccine. UV1 induces specific T cell responses against the universal, shared cancer antigen telomerase, expressed in 85-90% of cancer indications, across all stages of the disease. Telomerase activation is considered one of the “hallmarks of cancer” due to its selective activation and essential role in continuous cell division. UV1 may potentially be used broadly across multiple cancer types, in different stages of disease, and in combination with different cancer treatments.

UV1 is currently being developed in several cancer indications as add-on to various checkpoint inhibitors. The full clinical program will enroll more than 750 patients in Phase I and Phase II trials in Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

UV1 is designed as a convenient off-the-shelf product with a long shelf life, and is easy to use with simple intradermal administration. It is a patented, proprietary technology owned by Ultimovacs.

TET (Tetanus-Epitope Targeting) is Ultimovacs’ patent protected vaccine adjuvant technology. TET ensures targeted delivery of both antigen and adjuvant signals to antigen presenting cells, and is a novel strategy to effectively activate tumor specific T cells. In Ultimovacs’ TET vaccines, the tumor antigens and the parts mediating the adjuvant signals are linked together by use of an innovative conjugation technology. The conjugation technology allows for flexibility to incorporate a variety of antigens, and thereby tailoring vaccines to different types of cancer. The TET vaccine adjuvant technology and the conjugation technology may be basis for new, first-in-class therapeutic cancer vaccines, and also for infectious disease vaccines.

The first clinical trial exploring the TET technology has been completed, showing good safety and observations of immune activation with vaccine specific T cell responses.

Ultimovacs is conducting a series of activities to further develop and explore the potential of TET and the conjugation technology. The combination of exploratory research, significant progress made in the manufacturing process, and the clinical data, provide a valuable basis for potential expansion of Ultimovacs’ pipeline.

For more information, download our company presentation from the Presentations and Publications page.

For patients

Ultimovacs is developing a new type of cancer treatment. We are currently evaluating the safety and efficacy. We have not secured regulatory approval and so we are not able to use the treatment outside of our clinical trial program.

If you are a cancer patient and wish to participate in a clinical trial, you should discuss this with the physician responsible for your treatment.

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