About Ultimovacs

Ultimovacs is a pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies against cancer. The lead product candidate is UV1, a peptide-based vaccine inducing a specific T cell response against the universal cancer antigen telomerase.

UV1 is being developed as a therapeutic cancer vaccine which may serve as a platform for use in combination with other immuno-oncology drugs which require an ongoing T cell response for their mode of action. Ultimovacs is performing a broad clinical development program with clinical trials in Europe and the USA.

Ultimovacs was established in 2011. The company and its proprietary technology is based on pre-clinical and clinical research on immunotherapies conducted at the Oslo University Hospital. The company is a limited public liability company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in Norway.

Ultimovacs is headquartered at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park in Oslo, Norway, and also has an office in Uppsala, Sweden. Ultimovacs is an active member of Oslo Cancer Cluster.

For more information, download our company presentation.

For patients

Ultimovacs is developing a new type of cancer treatment. We are currently documenting the safety and efficacy. We do not yet have enough data regarding safety or efficacy to use the treatment outside of our clinical trial program.

If you are a cancer patient and wish to participate in a clinical trial, you should discuss this with the physician responsible for your treatment.

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