Board of directors

Our board comprise member with both industry specific experience and business understanding, and have all a long track record of current and previous executive- and board positions. 

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Board of directors

Jonas Einarsson

About Jonas Close

Jonas Einarsson has served as a Board Member since 2011. Mr Einarsson has over 30 years of experience in the medical industry and is currently the CEO of Radium Hospital Research Foundation, which position he has held since 2000. Mr Einarsson was a general practitioner and health director of the Lardal municipality from 1991 until 2000 and was general manager of Oslo Private Hospital from 1984 until 1991.
Mr Einarsson is educated as a Medical Doctor (MD) from the Reykjavik University, Iceland and the University of Oslo, Norway.

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten

About Bjørn Rune Close

Bjørn Rune Gjelsten has served as a Board Member since 2011. He was in the period 1990-1995 central in the development of RGI, which in 1996 merged with Aker. Gjelsten was Chairman of the Board in Aker and CEO in Aker RGI from 1996 to 2000. Currently owner and Chairman in Gjelsten Holding AS.

Ole Kristian Hjelstuen

About Ole Kristian Close

Ole Kristian Hjelstuen has served as a Board Member since 2013, and is CEO in Inven2 AS. Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Oslo. He has long experience from industrial research and product development in Life Science, recently from the position as Vice President R & D Medical Diagnostics in GE Healthcare.

Leiv Askvig

About Leiv Close

Leiv Askvig has served as a Board Member since 2015. Mr Askvig is the CEO of Sundt AS, which position he has held since 2003. Mr Askvig has vast experience within the financial industry. He was CEO/CFO at Opticore AB from 2001 until 2002, CFO at StudentUniverse, Inc. from 1999 until 2001 and has held various positions within investment banking at Sundal Collier & Co ASA (now "ABG Sundal Collier").
Mr Askvig holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School and attended the Advanced Management course at Harvard Business School.

Ketil Fjerdingen

About Ketil Close

Ketil Fjerdingen has served as a Board Member since 2012 and was the Chairman of the Board of Directors from 2012 until 2018. Mr Fjerdingen has, since 2002, been involved in investments and property development projects through a range of small single purpose companies. Prior to this, he held various executive management roles with companies including VI Partners AS, Mobile Media, Ernst & Young and Fokus Bank ASA.

Kristin Wilhelmsen

About Kristin Close

Kristin Louise Abrahamsen Wilhelmsen has served as a Board Member since 2016. Ms Wilhelmsen has over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, in particular within the healthcare industry. She is currently CFO of WAK Family Office AS, which position she has held since 2015 and general manager of Flexiteek International AS, which position she has held since 2011. Ms Wilhelmsen was an independent director at First Fondene AS from 2012 until 2016, Agasti Holding ASA from 2014 until 2015 and Weifa ASA from 2015 until 2017.
Ms Wilhelmsen holds a Bachelor of Art from Lund University, Sweden.

Henrik Schüssler

About Henrik Close

Henrik Schüssler has served as a Board Member since 2015. Mr Schüssler is the CEO and board member of Gjelsten Holding AS, which position he has held since 2000. Mr Schüssler was CEO and CFO at Norway Seafoods ASA from 1995 until 2000 and accountant/consultant at Ernst & Young AS from 1987 until 1995.
Mr Schüssler holds a Bachelor of Chartered Accounting from BI Norwegian Business School.