Full version of the publication in ‘Frontiers in Immunology’ featuring positive results from Phase I trial evaluating UV1 in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer is now available

In referanse to the Stock Exchange announcement on 2 November 2020 (below)
where an abstract of the publication was available. Now the full publication is available here

Oslo, 2 November 2020: Ultimovacs ASA (“Ultimovacs”, ticker ULTIMO), today
announced the acceptance of publication in Frontiers in Immunology, outlining
the positive long-term follow-up data from the company’s Phase I trial
evaluating its proprietary universal cancer vaccine, UV1, in non-small cell lung
cancer. The publication will cover detailed outcomes of the study for the 18
patients receiving UV1 monotherapy as maintenance treatment.

“Today’s acceptance of publication in Frontiers in Immunology supports our goal
to raise UV1 awareness among the scientific and medical communities through
publications and presentations at medical conferences,” stated Carlos de Sousa,
Chief Executive Officer at Ultimovacs. “Continued positive signs of safety and
tolerability are of great importance for us as we are currently evaluating UV1
in triple combinations in two Phase II studies and safety remains our primary
focus as we develop treatments for patients in need.”

In the study, a total of 18 non-small cell lung cancer patients whose disease
had not progressed after receiving at least 2nd line treatment with chemotherapy
were enrolled to receive UV1 monotherapy as maintenance treatment. Patients were
assigned to three different dose-groups, of 100, 300 and 700 µg, with each
cohort enrolling 6 patients. Data in the publication with a cut-off date of
March 2020, demonstrated that administration of UV1 resulted in specific T-cell
responses in the majority of the patients. The highest dose of 700 µg, resulted
in the highest proportion of immune responses. In addition, immune responses in
the high-dose cohort were stronger, occurred at an earlier timeframe and were
associated with long survival. The 4-year overall survival (OS) for the patients
in the highest cohort was 83%, as compared to 39% for the total patient group.

“The acceptance of our publication is a recognition of the confidence we have in
UV1 as a universal cancer vaccine that could potentially treat a range of cancer
indications,” stated Jens Bjørheim, Chief Medical Officer at Ultimovacs. “The
data in the publication together with the 5-year topline results that we
announced last month, confirm that UV1 can potentially benefit patients with
non-small cell lung cancer. In all four Phase I trials that Ultimovacs has
conducted with UV1, we see promising overall survival outcomes that support our
ongoing, extensive clinical development program for UV1.”

The abstract of the publication is available here:
https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2020.572172/abstract, the
full article can be accessed after publication at the Frontiers in Immunology
website: www.frontiersin.org.