Company update on Ultimovacs after the expansion of new indication, has been published by Edison Investment Research

“Ultimovacs has made the decision to expand its R&D pipeline with a new indication, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), for its lead asset the therapeutic cancer vaccine, UV1. The sponsorship arrangement will be similar to most of the other Phase II trials: Ultimovacs will work closely with the lead investigator and will provide financial support. The company will be able to continue the development if the Phase II data are positive. Despite significant progress being made with the advent of immunotherapies, NSCLC is still a challenging cancer to manage. Ultimovacs aims to position UV1 as a combination therapy with Keytruda in a first-line setting, which means it is targeting the biggest share of the large NSCLC market. We adjust our model to include the new opportunity and increase our valuation to NOK6.13bn or NOK179/sh (from NOK128/sh).”

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