Notice of Annual General Meeting on 20 April 2023 (24.03.2023)

The Board of Directors hereby calls for the Annual General Meeting of Ultimovacs ASA in the meeting room ‘Jónas Einarsson auditorium’ in Ullernchausséen 64, 0379 Oslo, at 14:00 CET on 20 April 2023. All documents are available on the Company website under ‘Governance‘.

Register your participation and your votes here.


Investor Days: Meet the Team

Ultimovacs will host Investor Days in several cities. Thanks to everyone who attended our event in Oslo!
Similar events are planned to follow in Bergen, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Stockholm, and Trondheim, based on interest in the registration form.

The events will feature presentations by management, after which there will be an opportunity for dialogue with members of the Ultimovacs team. Light refreshments will be served. The Meet the Team events are open to investors, business and collaboration partners, and friends and supporters of the company.

Please register for an invitation to Investor Days in a city close to you – here .