Ultimovacs ASA – Extraordinary General Meeting held on 11 November 2020

Oslo, 11 November 2020: Ultimovacs ASA held its Extraordinary General Meeting
today 11 November 2020. All the matters on the agenda were approved.

After the Extraordinary General Meeting the board has the following composition:

o Jónas Einarsson, Chair of the Board
o Kari Grønås, board member
o Eva S. Dugstad, board member
o Leiv Askvig, board member
o Ketil Fjerdingen, board member
o Henrik Schüssler, board member
o Aitana Peire, board member
o Haakon Stenrød, board member
o Håkan Englund, deputy board member

The minutes from the meeting are available at the company’s

For further information, please see www.ultimovacs.com or contact:

Jónas Einarsson, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ultimovacs ASA
Email: je@radforsk.no
Phone: +47 480 96 355

Carlos de Sousa, CEO
Email: carlos.desousa@ultimovacs.com
Phone: +47 908 92507

Hans Vassgård Eid, CFO
Email: hans.eid@ultimovacs.com
Phone: +47 482 48632