Shareholder Notification: Ultimovacs ASA


Securities Regulation of 29 June 2007 ("STA") - Disclosure of Significant

In the name and on behalf of FIL Limited, Pembroke Hall, 42 Crow Lane, Pembroke,
HM19 Bermuda, (the "Investment Manager") we hereby notify you pursuant to STA
Chapter 4, Section 4-1 the following:

On 28 December 2020 the shares and rights to shares in Ultimovacs ASA  (the
"Company") attributable to the Investment Manager crossed below the threshold of
5%. The threshold was crossed due to the Sale of Shares.

As a consequence, the total shares out, deemed to be held is 1,570,906 which
represent 4.91% of the shares out of the Company. 

The shares and rights to shares are owned by the funds listed on Schedule A and
are managed by the designated management companies which are undertakings
controlled by the Investment Manager.

If you have any questions with respect to this notification, please contact Paul
Clark, Regulatory Reporting, at +353 1 223 1447 or via email