About Ultimovacs

Ultimovacs is a pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies against cancer. The lead product candidate is UV1, a peptide-based vaccine inducing a specific T cell response against the universal cancer antigen telomerase. UV1 is being developed as a therapeutic cancer vaccine (TCV) for use as monotherapy, and as a platform for other immuno-oncology drugs which require an ongoing T cell response for their mode of action. Ultimovacs is performing a broad clinical development program with clinical trials in Europe and the USA.

Ultimovacs was established in 2011. The company and its proprietary technology is based on pre-clinical and clinical research on immunotherapies conducted at the Oslo University Hospital. The company is privately held, mainly by Norwegian private investors/family offices.

Ultimovacs is located at the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park in Oslo, Norway, and is an active member of Oslo Cancer Cluster.


Board of Directors